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Welcome to LIKE PRECIOUS FAITH Ministries!  Here you will find information if you are a seeker looking to know more about Christ and what His Atonement did for you at the Cross.  You will find encouragement through articles that have been written and will continue to be written with you in mind.  So don’t be afraid to ask questions via the contact page and I will do my best to answer your questions.  I will also be honest with you and tell you that I don’t have all the answers but I know that the Bible does so I will always refer to God’s Word and even Godly counsel on your behalf to get the answers you need.

Now for the believers!  Regardless of your denomination, you are welcome!  This is a non-denominational organization and God sees no denominations so why should we?  Of course, there are always going to be doctrinal differences, and I respect that, but this isn’t the place to debate them.  This is the place to come together and fellowship regardless of them.  What a refreshing thought!

We have been blessed to have Rev. Dr. Jeffry Camm, JP, MIER to share, for free, all of his bible studies and books and they are posted in .pdf format.  He has been so very gracious to offer these to us for free and we may use them so long as ALL credit is given to him and nothing is changed.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  What an awesome gift we have been given!  GLORY TO GOD!!!  Thank you, Rev. Dr. Camm!  You are exemplifying exactly what Jesus said when He said, “Freely you have been given, freely give,”  I cannot thank you enough and I pray that all who read them are blessed as well!

Some others may be from my favorite authors, others are from my own studies.  In either case, it is my prayer that you are blessed, encouraged, and able to grow as I am sowing seed into you.  And know that as I am sowing seed into you, I am sowing seed into myself as well!  I encourage you to interact if you feel comfortable doing so, as we can lift each other up!  When you make a comment, then others can comment as well.  It is my prayer that we can all grow in the grace of God together!

At any rate, until then, welcome to LIKE PRECIOUS FAITH Ministries!  To God be the glory and may you be blessed as you read through the pages here!

~ beenblessed <><
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4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Danny says:

    Nice job, R…Love you

    • admin says:

      Thank you, my ever-loving and supportive hubby! It means more to me than you’ll ever know that you said what you did! God bless you and thanks for the encouragement!

  2. was lead here for a reason. : )

    • beenblessed says:

      :-) God does have a way of leading us, doesn’t He? I pray you are blessed as you look around and if you feel led to share something, you are always welcome to submit an article!

      In faith,
      ~ Beenblessed

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